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Bullying goes far beyond being roughed up on the schoolyard. Harassment, verbal abuse, exclusion — both in-person and online — are all forms of bullying.

And every form of bullying destroys your child’s self confidence and creates mental scars that may never heal.

Bullying needs to be prevented and stopped. As a parent, do you know HOW?

Do you know?

  • How to teach your child to be “bully proof”
  • How your child should respond if bullied
  • How YOU should respond
  • How to intervene during a bullying incident

Schools are trying to respond, but bullying follows our kids everywhere — at school, on the bus, at a friend’s house, in the mall, online, at home. No place is safe!

You get plenty of advice about WHAT to do about bullying — much of which is just plain wrong. You need to know HOW to solve the problem.

That’s where we come in. We are the only organization in the Milwaukee, WI area to be certified as a Bully Expert by Verbal Defense & Influence, the world leader in effective communication in the midst of stress (learn more).

We are dedicated to helping Milwaukee families learn HOW to develop a bully shield, build healthy relationships, and feel safer in all situations.

We offer seminars and classes for children and teens on how to prevent and stop bullying as well as information products for parents on how to help their children deal with bullying.

To learn more about our anti-bullying resources, please give us a call or access our Contact Us page.


Committed to every child being treated with dignity,

Instructor Chan Lee
The Bully Expert – Milwaukee, WI